Brief Analysis

  • We will review each component of your brief
  • We will assess the brief to establish whether the evidence presented satisfied the proofs/elements of the offences being pursued.
  • Establish whether the evidence presented in the brief is admissible and in gathered line with the requirements of the evidence act
  • Identify any missed lines of enquiry that should have been investigated and pursue them.
  • If you are an accused, establish whether investigators and police followed the correct process and whether their actions were ethical and lawful.
  • Conduct background investigations on all witnesses and parties involved to establish their credibility
  • Listen to your side of the story and take active measures to prove your claims.
  • Report out findings with recommendations

Brief Analysis

Have you been falsely accused or targeted? If you would like to protect your reputation and clear your name, then our team of seasoned former police detectives with over 60 years of combined law enforcement experience are just the right people to review your matter. 

We have helped clear the names of persons that have been wrongfully accused by conducting our counter-investigations, reviewing claims, and proving that evidence used against our clients was unreliable and, in some cases, unlawfully obtained in contravention of the Evidence Act.   

We have consulted numerous law firms regarding their clients whilst maintaining the strictest levels of confidentiality.

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