Chinese Authority Scams

Chinese Authority Scams are a growing concern for Chinese communities in Australia and the US. These scams involve criminals impersonating Chinese government officials, such as police officers or court officials, to extort money from victims.

Victims of these scams are often contacted via phone calls, emails or text messages and told that they are involved in a criminal investigation in China. The scammers then demand payment of fines or other fees to avoid arrest or legal action. They may also claim that the victim has been identified as part of a money laundering scheme and must pay a fee to clear their name.

In some cases, victims have been threatened with deportation if they do not comply with the demands of the scammers. Victims may also be asked to transfer money into bank accounts controlled by the scammers or provide personal information such as passport details.

It is important for members of Chinese communities in Australia and the US to be aware of these scams and take steps to protect themselves from becoming victims. If you receive any suspicious calls, emails or text messages claiming to be from Chinese authorities, do not respond and contact your local police immediately.

If you think you have already been targeted by a scammer, report it to your local police station and contact Scamwatch on 1300 795 995 (Australia) or +61 2 6221 3485 (International). You can also report scams online at .

If you have sustained a financial loss because of a Chinese Authority scam, contact Argus investigations to discuss your matter.

By taking precautions against Chinese Authority Scams, we can help protect our communities from falling victim to this type of fraud.


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