Covert & Undercover Operations

Covert & Undercover Operations

What does an undercover operation mean, and how can this capability be utilised?

An undercover operation is when Argus Investigations operatives interact with members of the public to gather information or evidence from them without disclosing their true identity or their intent to collect such evidence or information.

Our expert operatives have experience conducting undercover work at the highest levels for government law enforcement agencies and the private sector. There is no task that we cannot handle. This capability can be used to complement investigation efforts or to collect information purely on your behalf or on behalf of your organisation.

Our methods are carried out within the confines and parameters of the law, and our planning leading up to such operations allows us to ensure legal compliance.

Whether you want to test the integrity of a business partner, find out what a competitor is doing, or conduct covert purchases of counterfeit goods, our capability is limited only by imagination and good planning.

Contact Argus investigations to discuss how this covert capability can be used to achieve your objectives. All enquiries are kept confidential.

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