Cryptocurrency Asset Recovery Investigations

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Cryptocurrency Asset Recovery Investigations

Have you been defrauded, scammed, hacked, or manipulated into handing over your hard earn crypto assets to fraudsters? Argus Investigations can help.

As leading experts in cryptocurrency scam investigations, Argus Investigations is well equipped with the latest technology and methodology to pursue these fraudsters and help you reclaim what is rightfully yours.

Cryptocurrency Recovery can be a difficult process; that’s why it’s recommended to engage a professional with the right experience, network & tools to take the necessary steps to recover your lost or stolen assets.

At Argus Investigations, we bring years of experience and unparalleled expertise to the pursuit of Cryptocurrency Recovery. As demand for virtual currencies like Bitcoin has grown exponentially in recent years, our team has worked tirelessly on hundreds of cases totalling millions across multiple blockchains and jurisdictions. No two cases are exactly alike; that’s why every recovery case is thoroughly evaluated before an individualised action plan is determined and optimising success rates with minimum risk involved!

We will prepare your case and handle the recovery process from start to finish. We will utilise a vast array of our services, including but not limited to crypto or cryptocurrency tracing and analysis, affidavit preparations, cyber forensics, open-source intelligence (OSINT), Physical and electronic surveillance, and much more to pursue those involved.

All our cryptocurrency investigators are cryptocurrency-certified examiners with a successful track record. Our investigations team has extensive experience investigating transnational fraud cases for the government and private sectors, so you are in the right hands.

It is highly recommended that you act on pursuing recovery as soon as possible after a fraud incident to maximise the probability of success, so contact Argus investigations for a free consultation and a step towards recovery.

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