Cryptocurrency Tracing and Analysis

Crypto Tracing

Have you been scammed, hacked or manipulated into losing your crypto assets?

Argus Investigations are leading experts in cryptocurrency tracing analysis and Cryptocurrency recovery investigations. All our cryptocurrency investigators are highly experienced, certified cryptocurrency examiners with a proven track record of success, and access to the latest technology and tracing software used by international law enforcement agencies across the globe. 

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that use Blockchain technology to provide a decentralised monetary system, often outside the jurisdiction of regulatory bodies.

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Despite most cryptocurrencies being decentralised, almost all virtual currencies are traceable.  Cryptocurrencies are kept in digital accounts, referred to as wallets.  Each time Cryptocurrency is moved from one wallet to another, it is recorded in the Blockchain.

Argus investigations can trace the movement of Cryptocurrency using the latest technology to identify the specific wallet addresses, where those wallets are being held and the locations of those that access the wallets.

If you have fallen victim to a cryptocurrency scam, it is critical to act fast so we can immediately commence tracing and working towards a crypto recovery. The more time passes before we start tracking your cryptocurrency, the more time we give the fraudsters to hide crypto assets, like placing funds in what is known as a blender/glass or moving them to cold storage. 

Argus Cryptocurrency Specialist Investigators will follow the following process:

Recovery approach:

  • The first step towards crypto scam recovery is an initial assessment and consultation, free of charge. 
  • Clients will be provided with a cryptocurrency transaction summary template to complete with their transaction details to allow our examiners to commence tracing. Don’t worry if this sounds confusing! We work with clients of all ages, diverse backgrounds, and varying levels of computer literacy. Our experts will help you complete this process and assist you every step of the way. 
  • We will commence cryptocurrency asset tracing as soon as we have the necessary information from you. 
  • We will prepare an investigation strategy focused on recovering your crypto assets, and all our evidence gathered will be suitable for use in court and in compliance with the evidence ac.
  • Our evidence can be used in support of freezing orders, KYC subpoena requests, asset retention, and disclosure orders.
  • Briefs of evidence that will be used for recovery will include victim affidavits that form the basis of your complaints and will be used to drive the crypto scam recovery process.
  • We will serve orders and or apply for Know Your Customer (KYC) records to the identified exchanges (VASPS) or other services that may hold your crypto assets identification information of suspects involved. 

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