How To Export Your Coinbase Transaction History

Argus Investigators managing your cryptocurrency recovery investigation will require you to complete a cryptocurrency transaction summary template so our examiners can immediately commence tracing with the highest level of accuracy.
In order to complete the transaction summary template, you can download your Coinbase transaction history to obtain the necessary information required.

Summary of how to export Coinbase transactions?

Here’s how you can export Coinbase transactions:

  1. Sign in to Coinbase and click on your profile picture.
  2. Click on “Reports”.
  3. Click on “Generate report”.
  4. Generate either a PDF or CSV report.
  5. Wait for the report to be generated.
  6. Once the report is generated, click on “Download” to download the report.

For a step-by-step guide, see below:

  • To download your Coinbase transaction history, you need to navigate to the “Reports” page on the Coinbase website.
  • On the “Reports” page, you’ll be able to find your Coinbase transaction history and download a CSV or a PDF report of it.
  • You can filter the transaction history to the date range you require.
  • i.e. Should you wish to download your transaction history for the last 30 days, you can filter it to “30 days”.

NOTE: Usually, your transaction history will automatically be filtered to “All time”.

If you select this option, you will be provided with transaction history for every transaction you have ever conducted since the date of your account creation.

You can also filter it to an individual asset or a transaction type.

Here’s how you can download your transaction history on Coinbase:

1. Sign in to Coinbase on desktop

Coinbase sign in

2. Select the menu option in the top right corner as outlined in the photo below:

Coinbase menu

You will then be redirected to your ‘Dashboard’

When using the mobile version of the Coinbase website, you will see a menu icon on the top navigation bar.

  • Click on the menu icon on the top navigation bar.

Alternatively,  if you are using the desktop version of the Coinbase website, you will see your profile picture.

  • Therefore if you are on the desktop version,click on your profile pictureinstead.
  • Then, proceed to the next step.

3. Select “Reports”

Coinbase reports
  • After selecting the menu icon (on the mobile version of Coinbase), a navigation menu will open.
  • On the navigation menu, you will find various options like your portfolio and prices.
  • Scroll down the navigation menu and locate the “Reports” option.

Select “Reports” to go to the reports page.

When selecting the profile picture on the desktop version of Coinbase, a navigation menu will open as well.

Just like on the mobile version, select “Reports” to be redirected to the reports page.

4. Click on “Generate report”

  • When on the reports page, you will see a “Transaction history” tab.

The “Transaction history” tab provides information about the report.

The report includesthe data for all cryptocurrencies  bought, sold, or converted on the exchange and also includes all sends/receioves.

On the “Transaction history (all-time)” heading you can find a “Generate report” button.

  • Click on the “Generate report” button to generate a report of your complete transaction history.

5. Generate a CSV or a PDF report

How to download your Coinbase transaction history

After selecting “Generate report”, a “Download report” pop-up will open.

On the pop-up, you’ll see three dropdown boxes including “All time”, “All assets”, and “All transaction”.

NOTE: The “All time” dropdown option allows you to select the date range of your transaction history.

The default option is set to “All time”.

NOTE: The “All assets” dropdown menu gives you the option to filter your transaction history by a specific cryptocurrency.

The default option is set to “All assets”, meaning your transaction history will include every cryptocurrency.

Note: the “All transactions” option gives you the ability to filter your transaction type, for examples “Buy”, “Sell”, “Convert” etc.

Under the filters, you’ll see a couple of download options which include “CSV” and “PDF”.

To generate your Coinbase transaction history, click on “Generate report” on the appropriate download option.

When you request has been proceed (This takes some time)  you will have the ability to download it by selecting “Download”.

You can now use the data you have downloaded to complete your cryptocurrency transaction summary template provided to you.

If you require further assistance on how to complete your transaction summary template, do not hesitate to contact our cryptocurrency recovery investigators or our cryptocurrency tracing certified examiners by phone or email.

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