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How To Export Your Kraken Account History

Arhus Cryptocurrency Investigators will require you to complete a cryptocurrency transaction summary template with a summary of your initial transactions so that our certified cryptocurrency examiners can commence tracing as soon as possible with the highest level of accuracy.

Exporting your Kraken account history will provide you with the necessary information n you require to complete the transaction summary template.

Below are instructions detailing how to export your account history:

1.       Navigate to the Export page 

·         Click on the History tab once signed into your Kraken account

·         Then click on theExport tab

Alternatively, you may also export your account history via API.

2.       Select your export options

You will be required to select three (3) options:

·         Trades vs Ledgers

·         All fields (deselection of fields are optional)

·         Date Period (Start and End)

Trades vs Ledger

Trades exports focus on the execution details of non-margin and margin trades.

Ledger exports focus on changes to account balances. This includes withdrawals, any fees charged, profits and losses, deposits and swap transactions.

Note: It isn’t possible to directly export your Order history, but it is simple to use your trade history to establish this.

3.       Click submit and wait

Please NOTE: Exports can take up to a few minutes all the way to up to a week to process.

4.       Download

When your request status changed from “Queued” to “Processed”, you can download the export to your computer.

Note: You will need to keep checking your account regularly to establish whether the export has been process.  

If you require further assistance on preparing your transaction summary template, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Argus cryptocurrency investigators or certified cryptocurrency examiners to assist you in this process.

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