Human Source Management (HUMINT)

Human Source Management (HUMINT)

Human Source Management (HUMINT) is the term used for the science of managing and collecting information from other humans, more commonly referred to as “informants”.

Sometimes technology-based or traditional investigation methods fail or are insufficient to achieve objectives. This is where reliable human sources that are well placed to gather and provide Argus Investigators with the information you require to achieve your goals are invaluable.

Our Human Source handlers are considered international experts in this space and have been formally trained. We can assess the information you require, identify persons who have access to such information and then prepare and execute strategies to gain their cooperation and collect the information covertly whilst protecting their identities.

So, whether you are a journalist or media outlet looking to get a break on a story, require information regarding the activities of a competitor, or have an investigation that has stalled, this capability can be tailored to your needs.

Contact Argus investigations to discretely discuss how we can use this covert capability to achieve your needs and objectives.

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