The Australian Federal Police Cracking Down on Money Laundering

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have recently announced the formation of a new task force, AVARUS, to tackle large-scale money laundering in Australia. The task force will combine resources from the AFP, AUSTRAC, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and the Australian Border Force to target criminal networks believed to be operating at an unprecedented scale.

Taskforce Avarus is part of a larger effort by the AFP to crack down on money laundering and other financial crimes. It is estimated that billions of dollars are being laundered through criminal networks each year in Australia, making it one of the most lucrative forms of crime. The task force will focus on identifying and disrupting these networks and bringing those responsible to justice.

The AFP has also been targeting crypto-based money laundering rings as part of its efforts to combat financial crime. Crypto-based money laundering is becoming increasingly common as criminals seek to hide their activities from law enforcement agencies. The AFP has been working with international partners such as Europol and Interpol to identify and disrupt these networks.

Money laundering is a serious threat to our economy and security, so it is essential that we take action against it. Taskforce Avarus is just one example of how the AFP is taking a proactive approach in tackling this problem head-on. With their help, we can ensure that our financial system remains safe and secure for everyone involved.


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