Infidelity Investigations Sydney

What Are Infidelity Investigations?

Are you suspicious that your spouse is having an affair? Is your partner secretive about their whereabouts and contacts people late at night or early in the morning? If so, you may consider hiring a private investigator to conduct an infidelity investigation on your cheating partner or spouse and collect evidence.

With divorce rates on the rise, adultery investigation is becoming increasingly popular as couples seek answers to their questions. Confusing a loved one with suspicion of cheating can be difficult, especially when the evidence gathered is circumstantial. Fortunately, there are private investigators available to do the hard work for you.

Infidelity investigations can provide invaluable insight into the reality of your relationship, including facts, collected evidence, and proof related to a partner’s suspected infidelity. In this article, we’ll explain what infidelity investigations involve and how they might help if you seek solid evidence of an affair.

What are the common signs of infidelity?

Adultery is a serious offence to committing adultery and can have long-lasting consequences. Knowing the early signs of infidelity in a relationship can allow you to take steps to protect yourself from being blindsided by your partner’s behaviour and build a stronger, healthier relationship. Here are some of the most common signs of infidelity that you should be aware of:

Your Partner Becomes More Secretive

If your partner begins hiding the details of their life from you, this could be a sign that you suspect they are being unfaithful. Whether deleting texts, phone calls, or emails before you can read them, dropping off packages at home without letting you know what they are, or taking trips without telling you where they are going – any secretive behaviour may indicate something untoward is going on.

The Unusual Introduction Of New Friends

If your partner suddenly starts introducing new friends or married men into their life, this could cause concern. However, if those friendships develop quickly and are marked with flirty interactions or emotional distance between them and your partner, there’s a good chance these may be romantic liaisons rather than platonic companionship.

Unexplained Changes In Appearance

A sudden change in appearance could also indicate a cheating wife or an affair. If your partner starts dressing differently or wearing more makeup/cologne than usual, this could tell your spouse is cheating on you and that they are trying to look better for someone else.

Changes In Work Behaviour

Has your spouse started working late more often? Do they take long lunches away from the office? Pay attention to any changes in their normal work routine. This suspicious activity could signal hidden meetings with your spouse cheating on a lover during “lunch” hours or evenings at the office when no one else is around.

Declining Interest In Intimacy at Home

Your partner showing less interest in intimate moments with only you is another sign that something may be wrong. It’s possible that they might be receiving intimacy elsewhere, which means they don’t feel the same urge to spend time close to you

How do infidelity investigations work?

Infidelity investigations are conducted by licensed private investigators, who use various methods to uncover evidence of a cheating spouse. The most common form of investigation is surveillance, where the investigator often monitors the subject secretly. Other techniques may include tracking the subject’s whereabouts using GPS or following them on social media.

Some private detectives may also employ phone record analysis, tapping into emails and text messages, and various other methods depending on the case. Ultimately, it is up to the client as to which tactics they would like the detective to employ in order to build a convincing case of infidelity.

Benefits of hiring a professional investigator

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional investigator for infidelity investigations:

Verified Proof of Infidelity

When a private investigator is hired to investigate a suspected affair, they can provide verified evidence that can be used in court when necessary to prove otherwise.

Private investigators use state-of-the-art surveillance equipment such as cameras, hidden audio recording devices, covert surveillance, and other tools that can capture proof of contact between two people.

Better Understanding of Your Partner’s Actions and Motivations

When you hire a private investigator, an experienced private investigator, they’ll be able to gather important information about your partner’s actions and motivations. A professional investigator will also be able to get sensitive information and uncover other issues like drug use or gambling habits, which might explain why your partner is acting the way he or she is.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a private detective agency can give you peace of mind knowing that your suspicions have been properly evaluated by someone who knows what they’re doing. You won’t have to live with unanswered questions or doubts any longer; once they confirm their investigation has been completed, you’ll have concrete video evidence that either confirms or refutes your suspicions once and for all.

The legalities behind conducting an investigation

“Infidelity cases and investigations are delicate and often involve various legal aspects. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that the legal issues are understood and addressed before launching such an endeavour.

This means understanding laws pertaining to privacy, confidentiality, and other matters related to conducting an investigation of this kind. It is also important to familiarise oneself with the laws of the state or country in which the investigation is taking place to ensure any relevant regulations are being followed. Lastly, it is recommended that legal advice be acquired prior to beginning the investigation process.

 Tools and techniques used in infidelity investigations

Infidelity investigations involve using various methods, from classic investigative techniques to modern surveillance and data analysis tools, often combined with psychology. Using these tools and techniques enables investigators to determine the possibility of cheating or other forms of infidelity in relationships. 

Background Investigations

One of the first steps an investigator can take when conducting a cheating investigation is to conduct a background check on both partners involved in the relationship. This includes looking up details such as past marriages, employment history, and any criminal record. This type of investigation is especially useful if one partner is suspected of being involved with someone else outside their current relationship.


Surveillance can be used during infidelity investigations to observe suspects in certain situations which may provide evidence useful for proving infidelity, such as proof that the person or they are meeting up with other people against the wishes of their partner or proof that they are engaging in activities that could imply unfaithfulness to another spouse.

Surveillance usually involves physical observation by private investigators or sophisticated technology such as GPS trackers or hidden cameras, which may reveal clandestine meetings or suspicious behaviours.

Databases and Digital Tracking

One way for investigators to uncover possible cheating is by making use of digital tracking tools and databases that can provide access to information about an individual’s online activity, including their email, cell phone, and social media accounts.

This type of investigation allows an investigator to see what type of communication has occurred between two people over time, which could be a strong indicator of infidelity. In addition, certain databases contain photo data which can help corroborate any suspicions that may arise regarding irregular physical contact between two individuals indicating cheating behaviour.


In conclusion, infidelity investigations are a great way to get to the truth of a situation. Whether they’re done by professionals or done on your own, chances are you’ll have the answers you need to make an informed decision. Now that you know what infidelity investigations are, why not go ahead and do some research and find out the truth? Contact Argus Investigations for more support!