Open-Source Intelligence, is the process of collecting, analysing, and extracting meaningful insights from publicly available data sources including social media, news feeds, blog sites, discussion forums, the dark web and more. Our teams can use this method to establish an entities digital footprint to inform intelligence reports or support investigations.

Covert & Undercover Operations

Undercover operatives gather information and evidence without disclosing their true intent or identity. Our covert operatives consist of former full-time undercover law enforcement operatives and undercover supervisors/managers. Having worked on the most complex of cases, our covert capabilities and strategies can be adapted to achieve any intelligence or Investigation objective.

Human Source Management (HUMINT)

HUMINT involves collecting information from human sources, otherwise called "Informants". Whether you are a media outlet wishing to gather information for a story, a whistle-blower requiring professional support and protection, or you want to gather information regarding a specific topic, our Human Source managers are nationally certified and considered experts in the field.

Red Teaming & Penetration Testing

Our red team will assume the role of an enemy or competitor to provide cyber and physical security feedback from that perspective. We use cyber and physical covert methods to test your security measures and protocols. Argus will identify, record and provide solutions for your security vulnerabilities and help you target harden and protect your business.

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