Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

What is Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)?

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is a type of intelligence gathering that relies on publicly available information. This can include things like news reports, social media posts, and online forums. OSINT is often used to supplement other forms of intelligence gathering, such as human intelligence (HUMINT). Intelligence is then used to support active investigations or in order to inform strategy and understand new and emerging threats.

open source intelligence

Argus investigations have used OSINT successfully to track persons, identify their close associates, verify information, and to gather leads in support of fraud investigations, scams, family matters, infidelity and missing persons. ​

OSINT is a valuable tool for intelligence gathering, but it has its limitations. When used correctly, it can supplement other forms of intelligence gathering to provide a more complete picture.

Open-Source Intelligence, or OSINT, is the process of collecting, analysing and extracting meaningful insights from publicly available data sources. This can include social media, news feeds, blog sites, discussion forums and more. The team at Argus Investigations are experts at carrying out OSINT to support our investigations. We can use this method to establish an entities digital footprint and help to Inform intelligence reports and active investigations. If you are looking for a reliable and professional team to carry out an investigation, get in touch with Argus today. ​​

Why Open-Source Intelligence?

When using Open-source intelligence you must ensure the accuracy of the information as it can be difficult to verify. Argus investigators will use every resource available in their power to corroborate and verify information and establish the reliability of the intelligence. Establishing the validity of information is critical as anyone can post anything online, the amount of information that is available can be overwhelming. It has also been identified that intelligent criminal organisation may post disinformation in order to divert investigations efforts down the wrong path.

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