Physical Surveillance

The Art of Physical Surveillance

The art of physical surveillance dates back to ancient times and is well documented in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. 

Throughout history, knowledge was considered to be power. The art of surveillance and intelligence collection is still used in various forms across the world today, to give governments, organisations and companies a strategic edge over their adversaries or competitors. On the other end of the spectrum ordinary citizens access such services for the purpose of finding answers or seeking truth.

Regardless, gathering useful, accurate and relevant information is not that simple. It takes trained professionals to manage and execute the often complex nature of gathering information. 

One of the fundamental intelligence collection capabilities used to collect such information is physical surveillance and the monitoring of subjects of interest. 

In simple terms, physical surveillance is covertly monitoring a target individual’s or group’s activities by a surveillance operative. 

Physical surveillance is one of the most challenging and demanding tasks involving monitoring and tracking the activities and events of target individuals and requires nothing but sheer expertise to get accomplished. 

A surveillance team can conduct two main types of physical surveillance, static (fixed) and mobile. While static surveillance is required to monitor a person’s activities at one particular spot, mobile surveillance requires continuous monitoring of a subject on the move while conducting their activities. 

Physical surveillance is useful in gathering evidence in family matters, infidelity, internal fraud, corporate espionage, financial investigations, and dispute resolution. The use of this capability is limitless. 

Physical surveillance providers make it their primary duty not to attract unnecessary attention, so confidentiality of clients’ cases is maintained and not compromised. 

Undoubtedly, such cases require trained expertise and vigilance on the operatives / investigator’s part, which is why Companies must ensure they only hire licensed, trained, physically capable and well equiped surveillance personnel. Furthermore, every surveillance expert should be scrutinised before handling client cases.

Whether you are a Council, Government Department, Business owner, or just someone needing support in addressing a sensitive issue, physical surveillance could be what you are looking for. Knowing that you can trust a company like Crypto Consulting Pty Ltd to carry out duties in a confidential, professional and successful manner means there is one less thing you need to worry about.

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